East Editions is a creative studio aimed at bringing together like-minded individuals, artists, creatives and makers from all over the world, encouraging collaboration, expanding capabilities, sharing skills, inspiring imagination and enriching lives through art and storytelling.

Founded in 2013 by Sydney raised (now Bali based) creative couple Bradley and Kelly Eastman, East Editions is a shared space for ideas, resources, discovery, design and inspiration. 

East Editions is both a place for making our own unique products and a studio to help businesses take their brands to new heights, providing thoughtful & distinctive design & art based solutions.  

Photo by  Sheila Man

Photo by Sheila Man

Limited Edition Artist Designed Products

East Editions offers a range of limited edition products for both adults and children that bring art into people’s world in new and interesting ways.

Spanning fashion, furniture, homewares, paintings, prints, sculpture and more, all of East Editions unique products are visually documented through every step of the making process, capturing the artisans at work in their creative spaces, and sharing an honest insight into their processes, skills, environments, cultures and influences.

East Editions actively seeks to work with local small businesses and environmentally friendly organic, recycled or up-cycled materials wherever possible, and rejects any production that suffers unfair working conditions.

Graphic Design, Logo & Branding, Creative Direction, Web Design, Art, Film & Photography projects.

We have had over 18 years of experience in Graphic Design & Branding, Web Design and Art, Film & Photography Projects.

We also have an extensive network of creatives both locally and internationally that we can call on for any design, branding, creative project you can imagine; bringing to life your envisaged dream project.

No project is too big or too small for us; we approach each project with the same passion and enthusiasm. From large scale projects for clients, to getting personal projects off the ground. 

We treat every client like family, we believe in personal relationships and that great things come from collaboration and the sharing of knowledge.

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