EE: Tell us a little bit about who you are, where you grew up and what you tell people you do for a living?
AG: My name is Adam Gibson and I'm a builder with a special interest in furniture design and architecture. I grew up in the western parts of Sydney but moved to Surry Hills when I was 20. Skateboarding has introduced me to some really creative people who have inspired me to start my own business and create my dream job.

EE: When? Where? and What? was the first piece of furniture you can remember creating?
AG: I was always building stuff as a kid but the first piece of furniture that I made was a side table in woodwork class in year 10. Mum still has it sitting in her bedroom.


EE: Where did your interest in wood making come from?
AG: We used to have a holiday house in the blue mountains when I was a kid and my parents used to drag me around to all the antique stores to look at furniture on the weekends. I have always appreciated good craftsmanship. My dad has owned a timber yard for 30 years so I have been surrounded by timber my whole life.

EE: What materials do you like working with the most and what has been your favourite piece of furniture you have made?
AG: My favourite type of timber is Australian hardwood, so anything from Tasmanian Oak to Blackbutt. I use blackbutt often because it's so raw and each piece is different. Those first East Editions coffee tables have been my favourite piece of furniture that I have made so far, I liked the simple design of the table and it was great to collaborate with good friends.

EE: You are originally from Bondi in Sydney but have recently moved your family to the South Coast NSW. What do you love most about the area and why did you choose to raise your family here now instead of Sydney?
AG: I really love Bondi but we needed more room as our family grew. We wanted to live by the beach and the small coastal town vibe drew us to the Coal Coast (north of Wollongong). I've always wanted a workshop and now I have the space to create projects.


EE: Has your current location and surroundings had an influenced on the work you are now creating?
AG: Yeah definitely, it's opened my eyes to a lot of new opportunities within the small coastal community.

EE: What is your favourite part of the making process? 
AG: My favourite part is always the end result when the the project comes together.

EE: What is the name of your business? Are you planning to expand or do you want to keep it exclusive? 
AG: Gibson Built is my business name and I'm just about to start social media accounts. I've been a carpenter for 15 years and have completed a builders course but I'm really enjoying doing bespoke projects. I get to be creative and it's more rewarding.