We have two young boys aged 2 and 4 and they have endless amounts of cars, lego bits, train track sections and all sorts of little things. We are constantly looking for ways to store their toys in something that will last, something that can withstand constant dragging around and also something that looks cool! We are always carrying around toy baskets from room to room, so we really wanted to create a simple cart that could easily be moved around the house on wheels, a cart that wasn’t just for kids toys but also for storing other things such as books or blankets... even a indoor planter box.

After some chats with our local Balinese furniture maker Indra, we invited him to come on board to hand craft some these timber box carts for us. Indra has built many pieces of furniture for our home and like us he loves creating and making new things out of wood. Indra made the timber box carts out of locally sourced plywood and also sourced the wheels for the cart.

After living in Bali for the past two years we have crossed paths with many other artists and creatives who also call this place home. We met Carlos Magone through some friends and instantly connected with him. Carlos is an intense artist that is passionate about his art and his tattooing. He lives and breathes it. We knew Carlos' geometric style of painting with aerosol paint would work so well on our carts and he was really happy to work with us.

Carlos hand painted the Edition over 2 hot and humid days using a range of different aerosol paints in our friends villa where he was currently staying out near Pererenan. He decided the best approach was to stack the boxes on top of each other and paint all of them together as one column style piece which would then be separated on completion. 

We finished the box carts off with some white rope handles and some extra padding on the base inside each box. Carlos also signed and numbered each box on the bottom.

We can’t thank Carlos enough for being involved in our East Editions project and for taking the time out of his busy tattooing schedule to hand paint these unique pieces for us, and for being willing to explore a new concept and trust in our vision for this Edition.

We hope you enjoy these process images of Carlos Magone painting the Timber Box Cart Edition in Bali.

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