At East Editions our aim is to make limited edition and hand made products that bring art into personal spaces in unique and functional ways.

For our first edition with Vans The Omega, we wanted to create a piece of furniture that would both suit Vans’ geometric style, whilst being functional at the same time, so coffee tables seemed to be the perfect fit. We also liked the idea of having the coffee tables low so that you could look down and appreciate the artwork painted on the table, the same way you would appreciate a painting on your wall. The tables were also designed with shorter, angled legs to give the impression the tables are almost floating above the ground, with the legs hard to see from above.

We invited our good friend Adam Gibson to come on board to not only build the tables, but to help us turn our idea into reality. Adam usually spends his days renovating and building houses, so making some custom furniture was a refreshing challenge for him.

The tables being handmade with locally sourced timber was also important to us, so it helped that Adam’s dad also owns a local timer yard and was able to source some beautiful East Coast Australian Blackbutt timber for us.

Once the tables were made, we flew Vans The Omega over to Sydney from his hometown Adelaide to paint the tables over 4 days. He decided to use the beautiful timber grain throughout his work by using a range of different timber stains, aerosol paints, transparent aerosol paints and acrylic paints to create his artwork.

As with all our future editions, we documented the entire process of making and painting the coffee tables. The idea being that future owners of our editions can come here to our blog and see exactly how they were made every step of the way.

View the completed Vans The Omega coffee tables here