For our second Edition we knew two things at the beginning, that we wanted to produce a screen-printed textile and that we wanted our good friend Kyle Hughes-Odgers on board.

We love hand screen-printed fabrics, there is just something so special about them, and with Kyle’s love of texture, folklore and handmade objects we knew his artwork would work so well with bed linen, and that his drawings would really suit the screen-printing process. So we started the wheels in motion to produce some queen size quilt covers and matching pillowcases featuring Kyle’s artwork. From the start we knew we wanted them to be not only hand screen-printed with water based inks, but also locally made in Australia using the best quality fabric we could find.

Kyle was travelling in Europe at the time, so he worked on his design whilst staying with friends in Berlin, sending through sketches and drawings he made specifically for the edition.

At this time we were also talking with our good friend Shannon McKinnon at Aisle6ix Industries who helped us work out and understand the logistics involved in such large scale screen-printing. Shannon then introduced us to one of Australia’s best textile and yardage screen printers, Steve at Screenhaus. Steve was hesitant at first about working with us because of the large scale of the prints, the intricate detail in Kyle’s designs and the added challenge of one of the prints being three colours. But after many ‘let me put it this way’ statements from Steve and many ‘it will be fun’ statements from us we convinced him to get on board and make it happen!

When Kyle returned from Europe, we flew him to Sydney from Perth for our intense day of printing at Screenhaus, which of course turned into two days. With help from some amazing volunteers and the ever patient Steve, we pulled through some challenges to create something so unique and beautiful.

We had a few misprints in the process, so we used these to make fabric buttons for the base of the quilt covers. Our amazing bed linen manufacturers in Melbourne then got to sewing and packing everything for us and we couldn’t be more proud to have Kyle’s quilt cover sets as one of our first editions.

Thank you to the volunteers who worked so hard laying and folding fabric over and over again for our day screen printing! Big thanks to Shannon and Steve for working with us and taking on such a unique challenge. And of course big thanks to Kyle Hughes-Odgers for working with us, creating such beautiful designs and for being so patient and putting his faith into East Editions.

We hope you enjoy these process images of our second Edition being created.

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