EE: How did you come up with the name WE BUY YOUR KIDS?
WBYK: I came up with the name while I was working in a cafe when i first moved to Sydney. My boss and I were trying to come up with inappropriate website names. I was going to call it Brain Plumbing or Goat Hockey Federation.

EE: How does working as a duo happen? What is the usual creative process for each project?
WBYK: Biddy and I will go over the brief together and discuss ideas. I’ll then work on rough sketches and then hand over to Biddy to build upon, the process goes back and further until we are both happy or one of us is in tears.


EE: You have such a distinct style. Is the work of WBYK the result of two differing styles merging, or did you two start out with common styles that worked well together?
WBYK: We had completely different styles to begin with, but over course of us working together we’ve honed whats become our style. Its really both of us trying to draw like the other thats resulted in us meeting in the middle.

EE: After working together for many years now, have you learnt much from each other?
WBYK: I’ve learnt I’m still not very good with colour and when to duck.

EE: Sonny you just had a solo exhibition in Sydney, how often do you create work as individuals?
WBYK: Its been 10 years since I last made work outside of WBYK, so not very often. People weren’t beating down my door. It’s something I plan to do more of, its the kind of work not suited to client stuff.

EE: What have been some of your illustration projects that we might be familiar with?
WBYK: Our recent work for Something For Kate, Laneway Festival, Sydney Opera House and our posters for Mondo.

EE: You guys have designed a lot of poster for bands over the years. What is your favourite band poster you have created?
WBYK: My favourites would have to be our Deerhunter and Yo La Tengo Posters from last year.

EE: How did you come up with the concept and design for the cushion covers?
WBYK: We turn to old faithful – our cat Machette. She lurks, she’s a lurker.

EE: You have done lots of screen printing before, can you tell us about your history with screen printing? What is it about the process that you like?
WBYK: That we don’t have to do it anymore. No, its always been the handmade nature of it. The character that can only come from hand making something.

EE: What other mediums do you both love making images with?
WBYK: I love working in acrylic and house paint. Oh and goats blood.

EE: You are well known for your contemporary graphic style that often blends together dark, moody subject matter with bright, vibrant colours. What messages are you trying to convey to people through your work?
WBYK: Mainly that mankind has no natural predators outside of mankind. There will be a lesson from mother nature soon.

EE: Where does the imagery in your work come from?
WBYK: Mainly our shared experiences, our love of music and comics. And the fear of the animal revolution, I am ready to submit to our new animal masters.

EE: What other WBYK projects can we look forward to seeing this year?
WBYK:  A lot of work around animals I think, just a hunch. We have a ton of stuff on the go, plus another Sonny Day solo show and a WBYK show as well.

EE: As a couple who have just started a new business together, do you guys have any tips for navigating a working relationship with a partner?
WBYK: Discuss, debate and dates. Just remember how important the other person is in your life and do not let work take over. Until the animals take over that is, then we’ve got all the time in the world.

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