Travel has always been important to us, and when we had kids, we knew we wanted to instil in our boys that passion for exploring new places. We believe there is no better way than travelling to learn about the world, about culture, art, history and about yourself. So six months ago we decided to pack up our house and life in Sydney and take off on a family adventure to Bali!

We very quickly fell in love with the amazing handicraft skills of the local Indonesian men and women. After a month or so of being in Bali, we were introduced through a friend to a smiling Balinese man named Made, who was well connected and experienced in the garment making industry in Bali. After a couple of conversations with him, we realised what was possible to produce and started to dream up our first Little Edition!

We already had such a love for screen printing from our previous Editions we have produced, and when Made took us to see a large fabric screen printing warehouse in Denpasar we knew instantly that our first Little Edition had to be screen printed.

Our good friend and amazing artist Numskull (Elliott Routledge) was the first person that came to mind when we were developing the concepts for this Edition, his artwork is bold, colourful and fun. His artworks are embedded with tangled scribbles of primary colours, gradient filled shapes and geometric patterns, we straight away could envision what his artwork would look like on kids clothes and bed linen, and knew it would be the perfect fit for what we were aiming to do. Our aim was to create wearable, interactive and functional art for kids, so they are inspired and empowered by what they are wearing (or sleeping on). Inspired to be bold and creative and to most importantly have fun!

To create the Edition we began to design our clothing patterns for the dress, shirt and quilt cover. Sample after sample we came through with custom shirt and dress designs that we loved and that would highlight Elliott’s artwork the best. We then sourced the 100% organic cotton fabric from a big fabric warehouse in Denpasar and sent it over to our screen printers.

The screen printing warehouse we worked with in Denpasar is huge and amazing. We were so thrilled to be able to watch our product being printed there and then also be able to share these images with you.

After we had screen printed and dyed our fabric, Made and his team started working on sewing together all of our products. Receiving the first product back from production is the most wonderful feeling, we are so happy to now be launching this awesome new collection!

This is the first of many Editions we are going to create here from our island home in Bali. We hope that people will embrace what we are doing and want to have some of our Editions co-exist with them in their own (and their kid’s) spaces.

Numskull’s girls dress, boys shirt and quilt cover set are now available to purchase online here.

We hope you enjoy the process images of this Edition being created in Bali.