Six months ago we decided to pack up our house and life and take off on an adventure! With two kids, three businesses, and the ever increasing cost of living in Sydney, we decided that we needed a change, we needed to slow down, experience life and appreciate each other. There was actually no particular reason why we chose to relocate to Bali, one of our friends was moving back to Australia after being in Bali for some time, and their house in Canggu was available for us to rent, so we jumped at the opportunity!

While we took time to settle into our new lifestyle and surroundings, we very quickly fell in love with the amazing handicraft of the skilled local Indonesian craftsmen and women. From handmade wooden furniture to giant stone carved sculptures and amazing textiles, the Balinese way of life is one of craftsmanship, deep spirituality and beauty… We were instantly so inspired to create here!

When a couple of our friends, Australian artists Sean Morris and Maddy Young, told us they were coming to Bali for a holiday we could not resist the opportunity to combine their artwork with some kind of Indonesian handicraft. We sourced some beautiful handmade teak plates for them to use as their canvas. We love the grain, the feel, the touch and the smell of reclaimed teak timber. There is a lot of teak wood available in Bali and most of it most likely once supported the sturdy structure of a house or seafaring boat. There is much beauty hidden in the durable and weathered teak timber, and Indonesian craftsmen have the ability to breathe new life into it, allowing the aged wood to come back to life. We knew these plates that we found would be perfect for Sean and Maddy’s style of collaborative and illustrative artwork.

In between scooter rides (and almost accidents), sunset Bintangs and much needed swims, Sean and Maddy painted three of these beautiful teak plates whilst they stayed with us here in Canggu, Bali. Each plate has been illustrated with a different Balinese inspired theme, both the artists were incredibly inspired by the local people, customs, cultures, flora, fauna and landscape, and really wanted to portray what they were surrounded by in their pieces.

This is the first of many Editions we are going to be creating here in Bali, we are looking forward to showing everyone what we are working on!

Sean And Maddy’s Hand Painted Teak Plates are now available to purchase online here.

We hope you enjoy these process images of this Edition being created in Canggu, Bali.