We first met Skount in Israel in 2012, we were all there for a big mural art project in Tel Aviv, and we quickly became friends during our time there. A few years later in 2014 Skount came to Australia for an exhibition in Sydney and we were so happy to hang out again! Skount has such an interest in travelling the world, exploring new places, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures, this makes him someone that you want to be around, always full of interesting stories from his travels.

This year we knew Skount was going back to Australia for another exhibition, this time in Queensland, so we invited him to come stay with us in Bali on his way to Australia, not just to hang out again, but to produce something with us for East Editions also. He had never been to Indonesia at all, so he was excited at the idea to check out a new part of the world and also create something for East Editions. So we went ahead and locked some dates into our calendars.

Shortly after we arrived in Bali last year, we met an amazing framer named Nyoman. After some emails back and forth with Skount about different ideas for his Edition, we went to Nyoman with the concept of making some unique geometric shaped timber panels for Skount to paint.

When Skount first landed in Bali, he spent the first few days exploring the island and our local Canggu area. Then after feeling super inspired from his surroundings, he spent three days in our Canggu studio painting the panels using a combination of acrylic paints and collaged rattan, a local resource here in Bali that has many practical applications. His time in the studio resulted in three unique, beautiful and vibrant artworks, a true reflection of his time in Bali and an extension of his ongoing abstract body of artwork.

Skount’s Edition of Painted Geometric Panels are now available to purchase online. We hope you enjoy these process images of this Edition being created in Canggu, Bali.

View and purchase the Skount Painted Geometric Panels here.