After the great response we received from the coffee tables we produced with Vans The Omega for our first edition, we knew that we wanted to produce more hand painted furniture pieces. We had many ideas for what type of furniture we wanted to work with, but once we had the artist on board we decided to create a multi functional piece that would showcase the art of sign painting by our good friend and very talented Sydney based graffiti artist Roach.

After some creative chats with our Melbourne based friends Thomo & Coach, we invited them to come on board to hand craft some bespoke timber furniture pieces for us. Thomo & Coach is the creative husband and wife team of Anoushka Thompson and Steve Gourlay, they create custom made furniture for interiors, events and clients both big and small. They are passionate about producing high quality hand made furniture, and like us believe that the beauty of these pieces is in the human process of their creation and the details and textures of the raw materials they are made from. A perfect fit for the aesthetic of East Editions.

Ideas for the design were shared and the concept for the multi functional Timber Boxes was formed.

While Roach was back in Sydney working on his ideas for painting the 5 Timber Boxes, Brad drove to Melbourne to work with Steve in the Thomo & Coachgarage workshop in Melbourne, where he documented the production process. Watching Steve at work is to witness a real craftsman, he invests so much passion and confidence into everything he is doing.

The Timber Boxes were made using Australian Mountain Ash Hardwood Timber sourced from the mountain regions of Eastern Victoria, a great timber for making furniture with. Lengths were cut, biscuit joints punched, glue applied and clamps tightened. Once the glue was set and the structures complete, the main guts of the production was sanding and finishing the assembled pieces. After sanding, the Timber Boxes were given a couple of coats of satin timber varnish.

With the pieces made, Brad then loaded them up and drove them back to Sydney. Once here, Roach started the process of painting them in his studio in Glebe. His passion for typography, lettering and signage lead to the concept of covering the Timber Boxes in words and terms affiliated with traditional sign painting, and also brushing these words using 1 Shot Sign Painters Lettering Enamel.

After a couple of weeks of chipping away in between other projects, Roach eventually painted each side of all 5 pieces with a range of different words and fonts in black and white enamel.

The completed multi functional Timber Boxes are a beautiful combination of varnished timber and the raised gloss black and white lettering, a series of unique furniture pieces that truly portray what East Editions is all about.

This Edition was only made possible with the passion and support from Anoushka and Steve at Thomo & Coach, we can’t thank them enough for their creative spirit, generous nature and for sharing in our vision for East Editions. And a massive thanks to our good friend Roach for taking time out of his busy schedule to hand paint these amazing limited edition pieces, and being willing to explore a totally new concept and trust in our visual idea for this Edition.

We hope you enjoy these process images of this Edition being created.

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